Dear Reader,

I have always had a love for interior design. Those who know me well know that I am not a great chef. The reason for this is that I don’t like spending a lot of time creating something, just to have it disappear within minutes at the dining table! That is why design is something I treasure. When I create a space that resonates with my soul it will stay that way for as long as I like, unlike food…

Great interior design can be so powerful. If the colour scheme gels, the furniture is the correct size and the space functions well then balance and harmony occur. Without good design including clear focal points, correct colour schemes, proportionate furniture, soft furnishings and décor and appropriate lighting we are subconsciously restless. Good design allows us to function at our full capacity.

I gained my first real love of renovating when we purchased our first home. It was an old home that had many add-ons over the years. This was my first real experience with renovating and decorating. To save money, I set about doing as much of the work I could by myself. My father, (a highly skilled and experienced woodworker and generally creative bloke) taught me my trade skills. I plastered and painted, tiled, hammered, and sawed, redesigned the spaces and even knocked down a few walls. Eventually I had renovated every room in the house, including 2 bathrooms and a kitchen. Friends and family started asking me to do renovations at their homes and I delivered several projects ‘for love’. Since then, I have undertaken formal training in Interior Design and Waterproofing. It was time to turn my hobby into a business.

As an experienced designer and renovator, I can provide my clients with expertise and knowledge in design and renovation practices. My first career was in Primary School Teaching, with nearly two decades of experience. Good teaching is about getting your students to be the best they can be. I bring this philosophy and my teaching skills to my work with my interior design clients. As a potential client, I provide you with a unique opportunity to realise the vision and aspirations you have for your home or space, even if you cannot see it yet yourself!

In the end, this will be your space. My passion is to use my experience and design training with one or more of my services as detailed in this book and my website using local tradespersons and to guide, advise and expand your thinking. Together we can enhance the possibilities for your home or space and ultimately deliver your dream home.

Yours Sincerely,