The Enticing, Sweet Bathroom

After my first meeting with this lovely retired couple, it was evident to me that they both had different ideas about what they wanted from their new space. One of them had a very practical mindset and was quite happy for minimal changes whereas the other wanted a fresh new look and was very clear about the end result in mind. I enjoyed the Ying and Yang dynamic between them both and looked for ways to find a pleasing outcome.

One way to save some money was to re-use the custom made shower screen. I was able to dismantle it carefully and erect it again when the new bathroom was ready. This is not something that can always be saved when dismantling bathrooms so I was very pleased when it came out in good condition.

Initially my client wanted a concrete look vanity to match the tiles, however I was concerned that this would add to the already cooler colours in the room and make the room seem too stark. My client was very open to suggestions and was happy to go with a timber vanity that had the grey tones running through it. This added warmth to the new space and gave the room a nice focal point.

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The bath was another money-saving point. I was able to re-clad the existing bath and tile it to match the walls. This saved buying a new bath and it also saved on plumbing costs.

After (click for before)

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During the process, I was asked if I could also tile the toilet floor to match. This was a great idea as it created a design consistency throughout the home. The bathroom, toilet and ensuite would all have the same beautiful encaustic tiles that my client chose and fell in love with.

Overall my clients were very pleased with their new bathroom and toilet. I loved that the owners were keen to try some modern features with the LED round mirror and the simple glass pendant. It is certainly a much brighter and fresh space to be.