Modern Farmhouse Ensuite

This bathroom renovation was completed for a church body who owns a property for the priest to live while working for the church and community. While designing this build, I needed to keep in mind I really had three clients to please- the priest, the priest's spouse and the Parish Council. The church was to fund the build, however it needed to meet the tastes of the occupants living in it.

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The layout of the existing amenities worked well but the apricot colour made the room feel cold and dark. With a new white ceiling an off-white border for contrast and gloss white tiles, natural light now bounces around the room.

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A new slimline shower screen was installed and a modern mixer replaced the old taps. Lack of storage was an issue so a shower niche was added and lined with a piece of marble to tie it in with the marble features of the vanity.

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The challenge of this design was that my clients had a slight difference in taste. One client preferred ultra-modern and the other client had more of an eclectic taste. Finding ways to combine the two different styles and pleasing the church body was a fun process. I was able to mix one client's wish for encaustic (connecting pattern) floor tiles with the other client's wish of modern tapware.

The eclectic vanity was originally just a cupboard made out of reclaimed wood. The benchtop was also wood and the doorknobs were of a Balinese style. My client wanted to bring some marble into the bathroom so the benchtop was removed and replaced with a marble slab. The doorknobs were also replaced with chunky marble knobs to tie it all together. The vanity was painted steel blue to match the pattern of the encaustic tile.

The old ensuite was a very cold room. After removing the original tiles I discovered large gaps between the flooring and the external walls. After sealing and waterproofing and addition of a heated towel rail, and heater/exhaust fan, this room is now a warm and inviting space.