The Fairy Wall

When my daughters were young they were fascinated with the magical world of fairies. Every night before bed we would enter the kingdom of fairies through various books and stories and these stories played out during the day in their games. I wanted to bring this magic into their room so I had an idea to make a 3D fairy tree on their wall.

This was a delight to paint and make. I sourced material of Autumn colours and cut it into the shape of leaves. I then sewed some detail into each leaf with some cotton thread and attached it to some sticks that we all collected on a family walk.

Finally, I made some toadstools for the little fairies to sit on. We managed to find some beautiful fairies and elves at local gift stores that had so much personality. I also managed to find some little children that were hanging upside down and some little birds to perch on the branch. The children loved looking at the tree to find all of the figurines. Peter Pan even came to visit. This tree was a treasure that will always be remembered.