Teenage Horse Lover

This bedroom makeover was inspired by a teenage client's love for horses and two furniture pieces that were passed down to her from her Great Grandmothers on both sides of the family- the bed and the wardrobe.

The timber furniture pieces inspired some shopping trips to second-hand furniture shops to find a desk to match the decor. I purchased the old desk for $25, gave it a sand, replaced the knobs and then sketched a horse face onto the surface. I then painted the horse and purposely left the sketch lines for a bit of artistic interest. Finally, I gave it some coats of varnish and it matched the room perfectly.

I wanted to find a way to bring more of a horse experience to this room so I purchased a vintage saddle and then found an old desk chair that had a nice wide supportive base.

Once the chair was removed I pinned a rounded timber piece on the legs and upholstered it with some foam and grey material. The horse saddle was then pinned to the upholstered timber with an upholstery gun.

A bit of fun with this funky horse glasses holder on the bedside table.

A nice little reading space at the end of the bed finished the room.