The Bungalow

This project was a pure joy to renovate. The clients wanted to modernise an old bungalow on the property to make it a rentable space in Warragul. It needed to appeal to a range of age groups and be fun and inviting. The clients knew what colours they definitely didn't like but found it hard to define what they did like. Together, we developed a space that they are really proud to rent out. Below are a few of my favourite features of the new space.

The ceiling beams, once a necessary function of this type of construction, are now a beautiful feature in the main living area. The existing salmon pink walls made the bungalow dark and gave the space a red glare that made the space feel hotter than it really was. The new colour scheme, coupled with a new split system and fan makes the new space comfortable and economical to heat and cool, all year round.

The lighting in this room was also quite poor. An old white fan accompanied with an old fashioned pendant light made the room dim. To compliment the timber beams, a timber fan and some industrial style spotlights were installed to highlight the walls. A longer rod for the fan was installed so that it sat lower in the room making it far more productive on hot days. This also draws the eyes up to the beautiful ceiling.

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The old kitchen in the bungalow was also pink. Because this was a renovation on a budget, the cupboard doors were sanded, primed and painted with a good quality laminate paint. A change of door handles really made them look new again.

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The bench return had an old servery bench that was sitting quite low on the front. The solution to this was quite evident to me when I saw that The client's husband is a woodworker with a gallery of furniture and bespoke art pieces on the same site. It seemed only right that some of these pieces be a feature of the new space. This new timber bench servery is functional and beautiful.

A white, matt subway tile provides a subtle, textured splashback. The diamond, black and white feature tiles below the kitchen return bench created a fun and fresh focal point that tied the space together.

There was no oven in the original space so the cupboards were rearranged to accommodate one. A new rangehood replaced the existing fan to ensure proper ventilation.

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Being a budget renovation, my client was happy for me to source some second-hand building items. I was able to source some left over, brand new tiles from a builder and a shower screen and marble base all for under $150. After tiling the shower I discovered that I had just enough tiles left over to tile the laundry as well. It really changed the look of both rooms for the better. The vanity was also sourced online at a fraction of the cost of a new vanity.

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Surprisingly, the laundry became one of my favourite rooms in this bungalow. I had some spare tiles left over from the ensuite and kitchen so I decided I would combine the two and make a fun space that feels clean and fresh. After tiling and painting the walls and door, adding a storage cupboard and swapping the tap for a modern black mixer, the room was finished off with some more of my clients gorgeous custom shelving.

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Like the rest of the bungalow, the walls and ceiling of the bedroom were also salmon pink. My client wanted a relaxing, calm space for the bedroom. They chose the artworks from a local boutique store and together we settled on a colour scheme to match. We added an element of fun with the wardrobe door handles which are supposed to be rabbits, however the general consensus is that they look more like kangaroos! They are now dubbed 'the rabbiroos' by my clients.

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The Rabbiroos

The handwoven rug was purchased by the client while on holiday in Pakistan years ago. It was carried all over the country before being brought home. It has been in storage for years and now has a perfect home!

It is crucial that the client feels a connection with any new space. My client talked lovingly about growing up in a house that had particleboard flooring, just like the ones in this bungalow. So it was important to keep this feature and design the space and colour schemes to suit

This renovation was a delight and my clients are so pleased with the outcome. If you would like to know more about the client's woodwork pieces please feel free to send through a message and I will help you to get in touch.