The Contemporary Farmhouse Bathroom

During my first conversation with my clients about their old bathroom, they expressed their concerns about the wasted use of floorspace in a small room. There was a gap between the bath and the shower and also between the vanity and the bath. Storage in this room was also an issue for this lovely family.

I drew multiple floorplans for the clients that utilised the floorspace to it's full potential before agreeing on the floorplan below. To make full use of the space I changed the position of the bath to the far wall. The old bath was 1500mm long. The new bath is now 200mm longer at 1700mm. Storage space was added via a niche in the wall.

A recessed vanity mirror provides extra hidden storage and a twin spotlight above the mirror creates a perfect light for everyday grooming.

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After (click for before)

A slightly larger shower base and a decorative shower niche provide extra room and storage for this family. Stylish black tapware and trimmings really modernised this bathroom. The new bathroom looks fresh and inviting.

The floorspace is now definitely used to it's full potential and this bathroom is now more practical for a family. I will miss the regular visits and chats with this family (especially the children). Thanks for such a pleasant experience!