Modern Rustic Bathroom

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My client desperately needed the accessibility and functionality of a contemporary bathroom.

She loved the rustic aesthetic; particularly the warm colours and textures of timber and the bold, dramatic look of iron fittings. However, She was worried that pursuing a rustic look was going to mean giving up on some of the key benefits of the bathroom upgrade.

I was delighted to help my client realise her modern rustic bathroom dream.

Achieving a rustic look doesn't have to mean giving up the benefits and luxuries a contemporary bathroom provides.

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The only item in this bathroom that my client requested to stay was the corner spa bath. This was due to medical reasons.

The rustic walls are made from porcelain wood look floor tiles. I chose to use these to match the vanity and give an overall timber feel. Black trimmings and tapware also gave the room a modern, yet rustic appeal.

The floor tiles were chosen for their natural sandy stone grain running through them, complimenting the earthy tones in the rest of the room.

It was important to find a piece of art that suited the array of colours in the timber-look tiles for this room. I sourced this beautiful framed canvas and it appealed to my client straight away.

I found this rustic sideboard online. I altered the divider on the inside to allow for plumbing pipes and I attached an iron plate on the front of the sliding door. This piece was purchased as one of the first items for the room and was also the inspiration for the wall tiles.

Initially, my client wanted a thick timber frame to match a reclaimed vanity. This would have added extra timber to a room that already had so much in it already. I showed my client a few different ideas for mirrors that had a small black trim. This would match with the consistency of black trimmings but also give the room a lighter, open feel. The industrial bulb lights from Eglo were the perfect match to the modern features in the room.

This beautiful shelf was made by Allan, who also made the beautiful shelving and timber tables seen in The Bungalow page. It was originally built as a floating shelf, however I had to add brackets because the wall did not have the studs in the correct positions and I was not willing to risk the shelf falling down with anchor bolts. Good design is about function first!

Subway tiles were used for the shower area to break up the timber around the room and to provide an extra bit of interest to the corner. A shower niche and a bath niche were installed for extra storage space.

Overall my client was very happy with this bathroom. Her quote is "this is my heaven".